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Winning at Craps

You may have seen the web pages that offer to sell you a sure-fire craps strategy of winning at craps that can net you $200 an hour based on some wondrous secret on beating the odds. Well, I’m not going to tell you that such a winning system exists, and personally, I think the only way that one could beat the odds in craps is if precognition or other ill-understood phenomena exist.

But maybe, just maybe, there are certain energy patterns that may dominate a given craps game. Many professional gamblers believe craps games sometimes go through “hot streaks” or a “cold streaks”, meaning the shooter may continue to roll, often times for many minutes, without sevening out, or the shooters may continually seven out very quickly.

If this is true, which you will have to find out for yourself, the goal would be to capitalize on these cycles of streaks. The way to take advantage of a hot streak would be to play the pass line, backing the bet with free odds bets and placing multiple come bets, also with free odds.

Professional gamblers who believe streaks to be real disagree on the number of come bets one should place. An aggressive player may make come bets on every roll until every point number is covered. This is a risky method, however. A less risky strategy may be to place a maximum of a couple of come bets. If one of the points is made, the player would then place another come bet to keep three numbers on the go.

Other than this, if you’re a believer in intuition, simply play what feels right when you think about each bet. In other words, go with your gut! These strategies for winning at craps may not hold up to scientific scrutiny, but who knows? Even scientists who are delving into quantum mechanics are beginning to realize that the observer influences the outcome of the experiment by the way in which they observe it. So, don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember, it’s all for fun – don’t expect to be winning at craps every time you play and to turn an actual profit, especially if you don’t have the powers of the spirit world on your side!

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