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There are plenty of systems out there, for craps and for gambling in general, that claim they can make you big money. This website does not offer you such a system, but before you go looking somewhere else, you might want to hear me out. No, this website will not give you the secret to winning millions at the casino, but it will give you the secret to keeping the money you already have. The reason we can not give you a winning craps system, is because in truth, no such system exists.

All of the books and websites about winning craps systems are very similar. They explain the basics of the game and then offer a secret “winning” system. These same systems travel from book to book and site to site, spreading their message of false hope. Many a craps player has run off to a casino armed with one of these supposedly wondrous craps systems only to have their bankroll totally wiped out thanks to the false confidence they had. “But why!?” they cry, as they try to explain to their spouse why so much money disappeared from their bank account in so little time.

Well, it’s really quite simple. All craps systems can only be constructed with different combinations of the available bets. It doesn’t matter what combination of bets you arrange in what way. Since every bet gives the house an edge, it makes no difference: in the long run, the house will always come out on top. Heck, the house doesn’t even pay correct odds on your bets. In fact, the correct odds of rolling an 11 on the next roll are 17 to 1, but the house pays only 14 to 1. To believe that you can win with these odds is like believing that you can get a positive number by adding two negative numbers together.

In reality, the only craps system that could possibly help you is one that doesn’t try to con you into thinking you can actually beat the house, but instead, helps you increase your odds of winning by using lower risk bets. The long and short of it is, craps is gambling. Don’t play expecting to win, but if you do win, consider yourself lucky and hit the road with your winnings; your “luck” is not likely to hold up.

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