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If you’re here looking for a great free game of online craps, click the Play Our Free Game image in the upper right of the navigation bar. If you’re interesting in learning more about playing craps online, as compared to its land-based counterpart, continue reading.

Online, craps becomes a totally different game. First of all, the biggest change in the game comes from the fact that it becomes single player. This has its advantages and its disadvantages. In the casino, craps tends to have a players-against-the-house mentality, and players who bet against the shooter are thought to bring bad luck. This doesn’t have to be the case in online craps, however. You can bet whatever you like without getting a dirty stare from fellow players.

Another thing that separates online craps and casino craps is the environment you play in. A Las Vegas casino, for instance, puts a great deal of time and effort into distracting gamblers. They’ll distract you with entertainment and they’ll give you free drinks carried by scantily clad women to liquor you up so you’ll lose your judgment. At your own home, the booze may not be free, but at least you won’t be tempted to drink yourself into a vulnerable stupor. Also, casinos do not have any windows or clocks – both of which are quite instrumental in keeping track of time.

Internet casinos also comp their patrons differently. At land-based casinos a comp (short for complimentary) often comes in the form of a meal, a free room, or something else that helps to keep you in the casino. Comps are available to players who sign up for a club card and use it at the slot machines and table games. Once you’ve played enough, you are eligible for comps, which are calculated by the game-time logged on your card. Online casinos can’t give you these types of comps, obviously, so they give you the only thing they can give you: money. A comp often comes in the form of sign up incentives offering you a match of your initial deposit, up to a certain amount. Some sites offer 200% or even 300% sign up bonuses, within certain guidelines that you must follow, of course. There are other forms of comps as well at online casinos, and online promotions and comps are constantly changing. You can consistently find fairly good sign up bonuses though, so make sure to consider these when choosing an online casino.

Once you’ve entered into an online craps game, the first thing you might notice is that you can only see half of the table. That’s alright – the other half is just a redundant replica of this.

To place bets, you’ll simply need to choose your bet size by clicking on the chip corresponding to that amount, and by clicking where you want it. Clicking the same spot more than once will put more chips on that bet.

And there you have it. That’s about all one can say about online craps as compared to land-based craps. These differences can be quite significant, but if you’ve played casino craps, you’ll quickly realize that online craps can be just as fun. One word of warning, however, before you give the Internet version a try. In a land-based casino, your money can seem more real, since it is in your hands – something you can touch and feel. The chips are right there, and you know that when you lose them, they’re gone. Online, your money may not seem quite as real, and subconsciously, you may be quicker to bet it all away due to this lack of a physical connection with it. So always make sure to play for fun, and think of your money not as an investment in a future fortune (incredibly unlikely), but an investment in good old fashioned casino entertainment.

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